The Girls Guide to Dressing for Success While Staying Fabulous

The Girls Guide to Dressing for Success While Staying Fabulous

During the week you can find me in black yoga pants or leggings, a sporty black tank-top, and a comfortable hoodie or sweater…both black, of course. I use very little makeup, if any at all, monday to friday, so when I have the opportunity to dress up I usually go all out. Foundation, concealer, faux eyelashes, hair extensions, and the highest heels possible.

It’s a perfect look for a fun night out, but it’s certainly not the look you want if you’re heading to a conservative event like a charity fundraiser.

Last week I had a charity event to attend and I was feeling a bit unsettled about the dress I had picked to wear. I’m not lacking in the lovely lady lumps department so when I’m picking out clothing for more conservative events, I have to be careful to keep things subtle-makeup, the lady lumps, and hair.

Inappropriate Charity Event Outfit:

photo 3 (2)

This was my original outfit for the charity event:

photo 1 (7)

 and this is what I ended up wearing to the event:

photo 2 (5)

photo 3 (1)

I knew the blue dress might be too much for this particular event as I knew that it was a family-friendly affair. Had I not shown my friend (a super cool guy) my options beforehand, I would have worn the blue dress and would have felt super uncomfortable.

You are only able to be your best self when you feel your best, so if you’re feeling unsure about an outfit, always ask a family member (grandma’s don’t lie) and a friend or two what they think. In the end, it’s better to err on the side of caution than to be “that girl who dressed inappropriately.” When dressing for success, looking beautiful, stylish, and professional might be tricky, but it’s also 100% doable.

What’s your professional yet trendy go-to outfit?

By: Vanessa Lantigua  Vanessa is a Personal Chef in the Greater Boston area. She makes healthy meals for busy professionals and busy families in the comfort of their own homes. On her blog, Without A Measuring Cup, she shares recipes, food related content and stories about her unpredictable life. In her spare time she cooks, practices yoga, and volunteers for Cooking Matters, a No Kids Hungry program.

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