Got 10 Minutes? That's All You Need To Look Fabulous All Day, Every Day.

Got 10 Minutes? That’s All You Need To Look Fabulous All Day, Every Day.

Guest Blogger Vanessa Lantigua shares her every day beauty routine. Share your fast beauty secrets in the comments below!

My beauty routine:

I start with Glam Glow’s YouthMud It exfoliates the skin and leaves it smooth and bright in only 10 minutes. Enjoy the tingle!

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Next, I apply my moisturizer. Ladies and gentleman, do NOT forget to moisturize. Against popular belief, using a moisturizer on a daily basis will not give you oily skin. I use a dime size amount and let it soak into my skin for 30-40 seconds. Image Daily Moisturizer is my favorite. It’s not too thick and it has SPF 50 which is a bonus.

I have very oily skin so I use a primer on a daily basis. My favorite primer is Becca’s Resurfacing Primer

This step is my favorite. Time to apply CONCEALER. Yay! I apply concealer underneath my eyes to mask dark circles and on small blemishes. Concealer should be a shade slightly darker than your skin tone. I am devoted to my Mac Studio Finish SP35 Concealer. It gives me the perfect coverage without being too heavy. I take my concealer game seriously, people. This concealer evens out my skin-tone perfectly. People constantly ask me if I had my foundation airbrushed. Nope…it’s my concealer!

Using a precision brush, I apply MakeUp Forever’s Pro Finish to my entire face. This takes make no more than 2 minutes. A quick blend and I’m done.

I then apply a quick sweep of Bobbi Brown‘s blush in bright pale pink to my cheeks.

To finish off my look, I apply my Sephora lip gloss and a few coats of mascara. Bam. Done!

2014-11-10 10.17.36

I follow this routine 3 to 4 days a week depending on how busy I am.

Total time with mask: 20 minutes

Without mask: 10 minutes

2014-11-10 09.59.36

What products do you use daily? Tell me your favorite product in the comments below!

By: Vanessa Lantigua 

Vanessa is a Personal Chef in the Greater Boston area. She makes healthy meals for busy professionals and busy families in the comfort of their own homes. On her blog, Without A Measuring Cup, she shares recipes, food related content and stories about her unpredictable life. In her spare time she cooks, practices yoga, and volunteers for Cooking Matters, a No Kids Hungry program.

Instagram: @without_amc
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Facebook: Without A Measuring Cup

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