6 Face Masks That Will Rescue Your Skin From Winter

6 Face Masks That Will Rescue Your Skin From Winter

Face masks are a huge part of my beauty routine. I use a variety of different masks throughout the week and like Martha Stewart, I never use the same mask two days in a row!

Here are my favorite face masks:



I use GlamGlow ThirstyMud two to three times a week. I live in Boston so the winter weather leaves my skin dryer than the Sahara Desert. This mask is light, it smells amazing, and it gives immediate results.


You can have my bacon but you cannot have my Dr. Jart Brightening Infusion Mask! Seriously. This mask is AMAZING.

On mornings when I wake up at 5am, I take this mask out of the refrigerator and leave it on for 30 minutes while I meditate in bed. It leaves my skin feeling lighter, refreshed and it gives me an immediate glow that lasts for a few days. This mask has helped even my skin tone as well. Buy it. Love it. Thank me later 😉

Lifting and Firming

La Mer’s Lifting and Firming mask is expensive but it does exactly what it promises and you only need a small amount of product for each use. It leaves your skin feeling tight and looking younger, minimizing the appearance of fine lines.


GlamGlow’s YouthMud exfliotes dead skin cells on the surface of your skin, leaving it as smooth as a babies bottom. It’s also part of my 10 minute beauty routine!


My second favorite exfoliating mask is by Karuna. This mask is not only exfoliates, it contains Chinese licorice and Vitamin B to detoxify your skin. I use this mask prior to events because it makes my skin look young and fresh. This mask comes with so much bonus serum inside the pack which I spread on my neck and arms.



Deep Cleaning, Pore Minimizing

I use Aztec Secrets: Indian Healing Bentonite Clay mixed with apple cider vinegar. It’s inexpensive and it extracts my stubborn blackheads and unclogs my pores in only 20 minutes. I love how soft my skin looks after using this mask.


For Your Eyes

I’m only 30 years old, so I don’t have any visible eye wrinkles or crow’s feet but I use Shiseido’s Express Eye Mask for prevention and to hydrate and reduce the dark circles under my eyes. It adheres to your under eye area really well and you only need to use it 1-2 times a week for immediate results.

Fresh-faced and revitalized post-mask!


Do you have a favorite mask? If you’ve never tried using face masks, speak to someone at your favorite beauty store about which masks are best for your skin type or play around until you find the right products that work best for you, and then let us know why you loved them!


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